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The Carlos Chan Concept
Body Dynamic Group Therapy with Bioenergetics & Psychodrama

Sedan mitten 80-talet har Carlos Chan kontinuerligt utvecklat sin modell för gruppterapi, som gång på gång visat vara mycket effektiv även för behandling av djupa trauman.
Carlos Chan avled stilla 16 juli 2017. Innan dess hann Carlos samarbeta med andra utvalda terapeuter som lärt sig att arbeta efter samma koncept – The Carlos Chan Concept for Body Dynamic Group Therapy with Bioenergetics & Psychodrama.

I Sverige hålls kurser baserade på
The Carlos Chan Concept for Body Dynamic Group Therapy with Bioenergetics & Psychodrama. Kurserna leds av terapeuter som Carlos har valt ut. Från oktober 2018 leds samtliga kurser av Ivar Poijes. 

Since the mid 80’s Carlos Chan has continually been developing his model of group therapy. A model that over and over again has proved it’s efficiency also for treating deep trauma.
Carlos Chan silently passed away on July 16 2017. Before that, Carlos had the chance to co-work with other chosen therapists who have learned to work with this concept – The Carlos Chan Concept for Body Dynamic Group Therapy with Bioenergetics & Psychodrama.

In Sweden we are offering courses based on
The Carlos Chan Concept for Body Dynamic Group Therapy with Bioenergetics & Psychodrama. The courses are lead by therapists that Carlos has chosen. From October 2018 all courses are lead by Ivar Poijes.

“If we are treating PTSD the combination of verbal therapy (for intellectual insights), psychodrama (to release the emotions of rage, terror and sadness) and the body work to re-train the procedural memory (where the negative somatic markers are stored that activate flashbacks) there is no other choice. In my opinion at present this is the most powerful and effective therapy for extreme trauma.”

“I don’t want this model of therapy to fade away. It is not a personal one that only I can do. I want the model to continue and have an impact on the development of therapy itself.
I have chosen two therapists that have both been in therapy with me a long time and believe strongly in working this way. I also know them both to be very competent therapists.
They are Ivar Poijes and Marie-Louise Honka and have successfully been running groups according to my Concept for Body Dynamic Group Therapy with Bioenergetics & Psychodrama, since October 2016. This is good proof that the model works without me.”
~Carlos Chan, 2017~

Joint Statement from:

Jacqueline Chan – daughter of Carlos Chan

Adrian Chan – son of Carlos Chan

Marie-Louise Honka – Therapist, chosen by Carlos Chan to run his courses

Ivar Poijes – Therapist, chosen by Carlos Chan to run his courses

When Carlos suddenly got ill in October 2016, the question about the future for the body dynamic therapy model he developed, became an urgent issue.

During his illness, Carlos planned for the future and showed his intentions in a message to all his group participants in April 2017, where he wrote:

What is my plan for the future?

I spent 42 years developing a model of therapy that has proved over and over again that it works. Not only that but other therapists can learn to work this way.

What happens when I eventually have to retire?

I don’t want this model of therapy to fade away. It is not a personal one that only I can do. I want the model to continue and have an impact on the development of therapy itself.

Has the continuity of the model already started ?

Yes. During my illness I chose two therapists that had both been in therapy with me a long time and believed totally in working my way. I also knew that they were both very competent therapist. They are:- Ivar Poijes and Marie-Louise Honka. The groups that they took over are very happy to continue with them. This is proof that the model works without me.

The current situation is that Marie-Louise and Ivar continue to run their groups, and will lead them throughout the whole 3-year periods. In the short term perspective we want to make as few changes as possible.

At the same time, the following year will be a year to evaluate the plans made together with Carlos in June and July 2017 based on Carlos's concept, but now without Carlos as mentor and supervisor.

We will have an ongoing dialogue about the practical and possible future for running therapy groups according to Carlos’ concept and how to to spread the knowledge to other therapists.

Carlos never pursued financial gain as a primary value. His values were authenticity, love, forgiveness, compassion, and freedom from the pains that lock us from our true hearts – and this formed the way he lead his therapy groups. We feel strongly that these are the values that shall continue in all therapy emerging from his legacy.

Carlos often quoted the author, writer and professor Leo Buscaglia (aka the Love Doctor):

"The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing, and becomes nothing.

He may avoid suffering and sorrow, but he simply cannot learn and feel and change and grow and love and live."

Everyone who attended his courses decided to take a risk.

Deciding to continue his therapeutic work is taking risks – risks we are willing to take together.

September 2017

Jacqueline, Adrian, Marie-Louise, Ivar

Introduktion till
Introduction to

Ivar Poijes

Jag heter Ivar Poijes. Jag har en stark tro på varje persons potentialer att utvecklas och helas via sina utmaningar – och möjligheten att därmed göra jorden till en bättre plats att leva på.
Jag valde att bli terapeut för att få arbeta med att transformera motgångar, smärtor och trauman till värdefulla resurser för personlig utveckling.
Jag är diplomerad psykosyntesterapeut och har genomgått PsykosynteAkademins internationellt erkända fyraåriga terapeututbildning.
Jag har lång erfarenhet av att arbeta med Bionergetics (kroppsterapi), Psykodrama (gruppterapi) och att använda Heartmath® Institute’s verktyg för bioofeedback.
Jag bär också med mig långa yrkeserfarenheter från stora organisationer inom mediabranschen.
Mer information om min terapeutiska verksamhet finns på

My name is Ivar Poijes. I firmly believe in every person’s potential to develop and heal through their personal challenges – and thus, the opportunity to make this planet a better place to live on.
I have chosen to become a therapist to be able to work on transforming misfortune, pain and trauma to valuable resources for personal development.
I’m a Psychosynthesis therapist with diploma from the internationally renowned PsykosyntesAkademin (the Academy of Psychosynthesis) in Stockholm.
I have long experience of working with Bioenergetics (body dynamic therapy). Psychodrama (group therapy) and using biofeedback tools from Heartmath® Institute.
I also have a lot of experience working with large organisations in media.
You will find more information about my therapeutic work on

Kurser/ Courses
Body Dynamic Group Therapy with Bioenergetics & Psychodrama

The 3-year Course: Personal development and Trauma Treatment

The Summer Course: Personal development

Brief description of the 3-year Course:

The 3-year course is a rare journey for your personal development. This course is a unique opportunity to treat trauma on a level beyond words, a chance to unfold your true potentials as a human being and get your mind, body and spirit in tune. Over the three years you will also gain deeper insights in interpersonal and group processes, as well as strategies for managing personal challenges.

The complete course consists of 12 four-day residential course modules – Thursday to Sunday – four times a year over a three year period, a total of 480 hours training. Each four-day course module has the following overall structure:

1. Daily bodydynamic work based on an integrated approach using basic concepts from Bioenergetics, Shiatsu, Yoga, Massage and Primitive Reflex Integration.

2. Individual Bioenergetic exercise classes held every day.

3. Paired bodydynamic work. One member acting as client, the other as therapist. The method is used to sensitize participants to defenses in the body such as body blocks, tensions and limitations of movement and expression.

4. Group therapy using a combination of techniques including therapeutic Bioenergetic bodydynamic work, psychodrama, Gestalt techniques and psychodynamic approaches. During a therapeutic session one group member is client, working on issues of his or her choice, the remaining group members are co-therapists and participants if needed for psychodrama. The group creates a safe therapeutic environment, a supporting container, where the client is held during and after the therapeutic work.

The current cost of the 3-year course is SEK 3630 per four-day course module, the cost includes stay at Marielund, Stiftsgårdsvägen 21, SE-178 53 Ekerö

When invoicing a company 25% VAT will be added to the course fee.

Additional costs for food will be about 900 SEK per four-day course module

Kort beskrivning av 3-årskursen:

3-årskursen är en sällsynt färd mot din personliga utveckling. Den här kursen ger en unik möjlighet till traumabehandling på en nivå bortom ord, en chans att veckla ut din sanna potential som människa och att få sinne, kropp och ande att samverka i bättre balans. Under de tre åren kommer du också att få djupare insikter i interpersonella processer (mellan individer), strategier för att hantera personliga utmaningar.

Hela kursen består av 12 fyradagars kursmoduler (internat) – torsdag till söndag fyra dagar per år över en treårsperiod, totalt 480 kurstimmar. Varje fyradagars kursmodul följer en övergripande struktur:

1. Dagliga kroppsdynamiska övningar som innehåller grundkoncept från Bioenergetics, Shiatsu, Yoga, massage och integrationsövningar för primitiva reflexer (Primitive Reflex Integration).

2. Dagliga individuella övningar i Bionergetics.

3. Kroppsdynamiska parövningar – en deltagare agerar klient och den andre är terapeut i övningsmomentet. Metoden används för att öka känslighet och medvetande om kroppens försvarsmekanismer som t.ex. blockeringar, spänningar, begränsningar i rörlighet och uttryck.

4. Gruppterapi som utnyttjar en kombination av terapeutiska Bioneregetics-övningar, psykodrama, Gestalt-tekniker och psykodynamiska förhållningssätt. Under en terapisession är en gruppdeltagare klient, och arbetar med ett ämne eller en utmaning som han eller hon själv valt, övriga gruppdeltagare är ’bistående terapeuter’ samt medverkar i psykodrama om behov uppstår. Gruppen skapar en trygg terapeutisk miljö, en stödjande container, där klienten är hållen under och efter det terapeutiska arbetet.

Nuvarande kostnad för 3-årskursen är 3630 kronor per fyradagars kursmodul. Kostnaden inkluderar övernattningar på Marielund, Stiftsgårdsvägen 21, SE-178 53 Ekerö

Vid fakturering till företag, tillkommer 25% moms till kursavgiften.

Kostnad för mat tillkommer; c:a 900 kronor per fyradagars kursmodul.

Brief description of the Summer Course:

The Summer Course is mainly focused on bodywork based on an integrated approach using basic concepts from Bioenergetics, Shiatsu, Yoga, Massage and and Primitive Reflex Integration. During the four days we work on increasing your awareness of your spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical levels of consciousness and how the mind and the body influence each other and should be seen holistically, and not as separate entities. 

We work with group exercises, individual sequences of exercises and paired work (one person acting as therapist, the other as client) – this gives everyone a chance to participate intensely. 

Many of the concepts and exercises from the 3-year Course are integrated in the Summer Course, and usually some group therapy will be a part of the course.

If you consider to apply for a 3-year Course, the Summer Course is a perfect appetizer.

The next Summer Course will be held at Skeppsholmens Folkhögskola, Slupskjulsvägen 12, 111 49 Stockholm, in May 30 – June 2, 2019.

The course fee is SEK 3650 (approx. € 360) and includes lunches, coffee & tea, and a dinner at the Friday, no accomodation.

Kort beskrivning av Sommarkursen:

Sommarkursen har sitt fokus på kroppsdynamiska övningar grundkoncept från Bioenergetics, Shiatsu, Yoga, massage och integrationsövningar för primitiva reflexer (Primitive Reflex Integration). Under fyra dagar arbetar vi för att öka ditt medvetande om dina spirituella, intellektuella, känslomässiga och kroppsliga medvetandenivåer, och om hur sinne och kropp påverkar varandra och behöver ses ur ett holistiskt perspektiv – inte som separerade från varandra.

Vi arbetar med gruppövningar, individuella övningar och parövningar (där en deltagare är klient och den andre fungerar som terapeut). Detta upplägg ger alla möjligheten att medverka med stor intensitet.

Många av koncepten och övningarna från 3-årskursen ingår i Sommarkursen och viss gruppterapi ingår vanligtvis i Sommarkursen. 

Om du funderar på att söka till en 3-årskurs, är Sommarkursen den perfekta aptitretaren.

Nästa Sommarkurs kommer att hållas på Skeppsholmens Folkhögskola, Slupskjulsvägen 12, 111 49 Stockholm, 30 maj – 2 juni, 2019. Kurskostnaden är 3650 kronor och inkluderar luncher, kaffe & te, samt gemensam middag på fredagen. Boende ingår inte.

Aktuella Kursdatum/ Current Course Dates

3-årskursen/ The 3-year Course:

Group Stockholm 45: 2016-12-08 – 11, 2017-02-02 – 05, 2017-06-01 – 04, 2017-10-05 – 08, 2017-11-30 – 12-03, 2018-01-25 – 28, 2018-05-24 – 27, 2018-10-04 – 07, 2018-11-22 – 25, 2019-01-17 – 20, 2019-05-09 – 12

Group Stockholm 46: 2017-10-26 – 29, 2017-12-07 – 10, 2018-02-01 – 04, 2018-05-31 – 06-03, 2018-10-18 – 21, 2018-11-29 – 12-02, 2019-01-24 – 27, 2019-05-23 – 26, 2019-09-26 – 29, 2019-11-28 – 2019-12-01

Group Stockholm 47: 2018-10-25 – 28, 2018-12-06 – 09, 2019-02-14 – 17, 2019-06-06 – 09, 2019-11-07 – 10, 2019-12-5 – 8

Group Stockholm 48: 2019-11-14 – 17, 2019-12-12 – 15

Sommarkursen /The Summer Course: 2019-05-30 – 06-02 

Kontakt/ Contact

For more information about, and applications to, the courses please send an email to

Applicants for the 3-year course will get an application form, also including terms and conditions for payment and participation.

För mer information om, och ansökningar till , skicka en e-post till

Om du söker till 3-årskursen kommer du få ett ansökningsformulär som även innehåller regler för betalning och deltagande.